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Ruby On Rails Engineer

Santa Monica, CA
Due to COVID-19, applicants will be interviewed remotely. 

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The Opportunity
We've built one of the largest creative platforms disrupting a 6 Billion Dollar industry.  If you like the startup environment and consider yourself a full-stack developer in Ruby let's chat!  To fast-track the process schedule a time here:

Current Stack
  • Ruby, Rails, and Sinatra microservices and apps. Ember.js on the frontend. All running on Heroku and AWS.
  • Persistent data storage is done with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redshift.
  • Automated testing is done with Rspec and CircleCI..
  • We process millions of Sidekiq jobs per day.
  • Changes are indexed into Elasticsearch in real time. Custom Stemmers and CV enhanced metadata.
The Skills 
  • Ruby/Rails experience
  • Ember (if no Ember- Angular or React is ok)
  • Experience with MVC pattern and understand modern web development technology
  • Comfortable working with MySQL or PosGres
  • Have experience with high volume web apps
  • Knowldege of AWS
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